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Maybe you really want secrets to fixing the perfect gumbo. Maybe you need the secrets to real estate. Maybe you desire both. You have come to the right place in your right time.

Life is short, and the opportunities to cook something good in your life are even shorter. The way to succeed in real estate has all to do with how you make a gumbo. First you start with a roux…the simplest of ingredients that are slowly mixed and cooked together over a low heat for a long time. That time is determined by you and how long will determine how that soup that nourishes life in the south will taste.

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In real estate you have to learn to smell and touch what you are buying, investing, living in. You cannot achieve this by watching 20 minutes of canned TV with people with empty heads buying empty houses. The art of real estate involves a nurturing first of your mind to understand your risk basis..then the basis of a partner if you have one. These thoughts have to come together to understand where and what you will give of oneself in order to own a piece of land for a time in a place.

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There are over 4000 Realtors in South Louisiana and as many websites that will appear to show you all the available listings..some actually do. They are a great resource with the idea that you will call the agent du jour and they will be able to help you.

The biggest question you should ask yourself is, “does experience and knowledge count?”

Choose a professional who has proven themselves with education and experience related to real estate and construction…for these are the skills and understanding one needs whether buying, selling or even leasing a space.

Call on us at (504) 233-3325 and lets discuss how we can help you achieve your goals..both short and long term…go beyond the fluff and listings search engines and let us help you carve our your personal needs list and make real estate work for you.


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You exchange what is important to you for the right to own, the right to sell or the right to lend someone else your place for a time.



Sense of Place…the essence of what is important in real estate.  Your sense of place is the roux in the understanding of the gumbo of having the right fit for your needs in a place you call home or a place that is a part of your portfolio.

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new orleans real estate


Are you a stakeholder?

A stakeholder is anyone in the transaction of real estate who has something to gain or lose in the exchange of real estate.